July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Email Unit # Phone
Gary Vincent, President   3101 504-828-3962
Jason Calmes, Vice-President 603
Stephanie Prunty, Treasurer 2704  504-828-0415 
Sara (Sawese) Bugbee, Secretary 207 504-481-1687
Rebecca Wollman 3023


Standing Committees

Any owner in “Good Standing” or non-owner and fulltime resident, who resides in the unit of an owner in “Good Standing” can serve on one or more Standing Committees (4.07(a) ATCA ByLaws). Anyone interested in joining any committee MUST send the Property Manager an E-mail ( stating which committee(s) said owner (or non-owner) wishes to join. Committee membership will be limited and accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Phone calls to the Property Manager expressing interest will not be considered or accepted.

Standing Committees 

  • Strategic Planning – Gary Vincent, Chair / Stephanie Prunty, Co. – Chair
  • Permits – Sara Bugbee, Chair.
  • Social/Welcome – 
  • Budget – Stephanie Prunty, Chair.
  • Legal Liaison – Stephanie Prunty

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Governance –
  • Election Procedures  

1.) Fines for fiscal year 7/1/23- 6/30/24 are as follows:

a.) Condo fee paid after the 15th of the month – $25.00 per offense. Owner shall be notified in writing as per section 6.17 paragraph 4 of the Bylaws.
b.) Rules violation – minimum of $25.00